Vintage Inspired Exposed Zipper Bag

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am most proud of the fact that I actually went through all of the steps to learn the basics and then to actually make something that I can use in my sewing room. Thanks to Amy, I am now confident that I will be able to succeed in making many more projects and gifts with my serger. I am no longer afraid of it, and I am really really good at threading my machine too :-) What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't be afraid and don't rush through the lessons. Amy is an excellent instructor and she really knows her stuff. She is also very available if you have questions and/or concerns with your project. Check out my instructions for a couple of tips that will help you complete your project with less frustration.

What you will need

  • Vintage inspired cotton from my stash
  • a fat quarter also from my stash
  • fusible fleece
  • 18" polyester white zipper
  • varigated and non-varigated wooly nylon serger thread and regular serger thread

Q&A with Lizzy Beth

smartini asked:
cute bag!
Lizzy Beth answered:
Thank you smartini :-)
Amy Alan asked:
Ok, now I want that fabric even more! The bag is super cute! Did you make your pulls wider? I like them that size!
Lizzy Beth answered:
Thank you Amy. That means a lot to me. Keep your eye out at Joanns in the quilting section for similar fabric. As far as I and they know, they will not be getting any more of this in, but I am hopeful, as are they, that they will be getting some more in that is along the lines. And,no I didn't make them any wider. I was thinking about it, but I just measured them and they are approximately 1 1/4" wide. Maybe I didn't cut off as much as you did? Something that may have made a difference that I just thought about now is that after I turned the tabs, I took a pin and pulled the seams out and pinned it at the same time, then I ironed the heck out of it to make it super flat.
Krystalyn asked:
I am waiting for my serger to arrive (a Christmas gift from my parents) I was looking at this class and saw your bag. I love the fabric!
Lizzy Beth answered:
Thank You Krystalyn. I also received my serger as a Christmas gift. My oldest son gave it to me. I can tell you that you will definitely get a lot out of this class. Make sure you make a sample book, so you can keep track of all of your good settings. It will come in handy as you serge more.
Gjeometry asked:
I love this bag and the fabric that you chose.
Lizzy Beth answered:
Thank you Catja :-)
Patti-K asked:
The fabric is adorable.
Lizzy Beth answered:
Thank you Patti-K :-)

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