Versace Inspired Print Dress

Project Description

What was your inspiration? Inspired by Versace's Designs and colorful creations, and by our great instructor Mr. Paul Gallo. I will always be a student to your class, so I can continue on learning new skills in the passion that I love to do most. Thank you so much Mr. Paul Gallo! Please keep on making new advance courses in Fashion Design.

What you will need

  • Knit jersey

Q&A with gia65ph

Pamela Mullins asked:
I love the look of this and I have some beautiful Wool Chiffon that I would love to make up. How difficult is this I can already sew?
gia65ph answered:
Thanks Pamela. Yes you can make it, just make sure the fabric is flowy for the drape effect. If you can sew, it would not be hard for you.
Paul Gallo asked:
Beautiful work! Thank You so much and I'll keep doing classes as long as people love them!
gia65ph answered:
Thank you so much Sir! I will keep on waiting for more classes and lessons from you.
Kay P. asked:
These are absolutely gorgeous! Did the fact that the fabric was a knit cause any problems? Do you plan to go ahead and finish these drapes into finished garments, and are you concerned with the knit sagging? I would love to make knit draped garments, but thought they would always sag.
gia65ph answered:
Hi Kay, Thanks for the compliments! The knit fabric didn't cause any problems to me, its actually more manageable to sew than some fabrics, you just need to use the right machine and needle, and of course following the instructions of Mr. Paul Gallo, you can create a perfect drape garment. The dress that I created are finished garments, I just showed in the pictures how i prepared the drapes in the bodyform. The tangerine cowl neck drape were sewn to the inside of the shoulder seams to create an illusion of a 2 piece wardrobe, but its actually just 1 piece dress. You can create a drape and not be worried about knit sagging, if you follow Mr. Gallo's instructions on how to cut the fabric in bias to create a perfect drape.
KatherineBG asked:
That looks great! So bold and so elegant.
gia65ph answered:
Thanks KatherineBG!
Happy108 asked:
Wowza! Great outfit!
gia65ph answered:

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