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What are you most proud of? That it fits! Also, altering it to a v-neck with separating zipper. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take the plus-size fitting class - it was SO helpful.

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  • V8815

Q&A with gobiidae

kcyankee118348 asked:
Love the fabric; love the look!
gobiidae answered:
Thanks! One of the best things about learning to sew has been being able to wear clothes in fabrics I actually like.
lainpdx asked:
I'm not very excited about the pattern for the class but seeing what you've done with it gives me hope. Do you don't mind if I use your alterations? Can you tell us what alterations you made to the bottom of the blouse? The pattern, as is, will hit me in the wrong place and it's too full. Thanks!
gobiidae answered:
Please do try out the pattern (and feel free to use any of my alterations). I also had doubts about the pattern, but once I saw Barbara's Goth jacket I was inspired to alter the pattern into something I would like. Now I'm convinced I will make this pattern multiple times, with variations! I used Barbara's suggestion to add fullness by adding to peplum edges so it flowed around my hips (I also added a couple of inches to the length so it hit below the fullness of my belly).
carroled asked:
Great fit and I love the changes you made to the pattern. I notice that the peplum actually looks like a peplum on your top. In some pictures from other class members the peplum has no ruffle and it looks like just an extension of the bodice. When I make mine I'll use Barbara's trick about adding fullness to the peplum because I have a lovely apple bottom (one of my best features!) so I'll need the extra fabric to let the peplum create a ruffle. I also plan to extend the sleeve to 3/4 length and use the peplum to create a sleeve flounce. I'll send pics when it's done.
gobiidae answered:
Good luck with the pattern modifications. I'm sure yours will turn out great. The great thing I discovered about this pattern (and I am sure why Barbara choose it) was it's simplicity makes it supper easy to alter. Also, not only did I add width to the peplum, I added length so it didn't cut across my belly, but flowed around my hips. Good luck!

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