Striped Jeans with Red Topstitching

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I met my main goal, which was to create a garment that is approximately the correct size in my waist, rear and legs simultaneously (not available in RTW). I LOVE the way the red silk topstitching thread just glows. I learned a ton about construction and fit of pants, and although these jeans are far from perfect, I will enjoy improving with each pair I make. I get a kick out of my graphic design for the back pockets (B is my last initial, and also the two pockets look a bit like butterfly wings.) I alluded to it on the coin pocket. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you're starting with (copying) a pair of stretch jeans, make your project out of stretch fabric as well. Oh- when you get to the construction phase, if there is any way you can have access to two sewing machines it will speed you up a lot. Thread one up with the thread, tension, and correct needle to stitch seams. Set the other machine up just for topstitching. That way you do not have to keep switching one machine back and forth.

What you will need

  • Marc Jacobs stretch denim from Mood Fabrics
  • Gutermann silk topstitching thread
  • misc. hardware.

Q&A with WowCarol

Ladymax asked:
If these pants aren't nearly perfect, you are the only one who will know. they are fabulous and the stitching makes them yours. Great...
WowCarol answered:
Thank you so much! I wear them all the time. : ) Mood has the same fabric in olive green...
shazdove asked:
These jeans do not look home made at all, you have done a great job
WowCarol answered:
Thanks Shaz!
SewStuff asked:
Wow! Those are really beautiful! Great job!
WowCarol answered:
Thanks for your kind words. I hope you give it a try- I learned so much!
Scheri Manson asked:
Carol they look wonderful.
WowCarol answered:
Thank you! Scheri, I think you must be the most supportive person on Craftsy. : )
Teresa Maria asked:
They look pretty perfect to me, great job!! I am honing my skills and working up to this class!!
WowCarol answered:
Way to go, build up confidence and then remember, you can try things as many times as you want. There's no timer and there's no test. I think you'll be really happy to take this class.

Skill Level