Created by: LizzyH

Stretch Lace Bra

What was your source for this sewing project? Used Merckwaerdigh pattern BHS10 Name of website or photo Link to website or photo

You Can Make This

LizzyH made Stretch Lace Bra with:

  • Stretch lace
  • sheer tricot
  • power net

Project Description

What was your source for this sewing project? Used Merckwaerdigh pattern BHS10 Name of website or photo Link to website or photo

Q&A with LizzyH

DaisyandFlorrie asked:
Ooh-la-la gorgeous!
LizzyH answered:
Thanks! (I guess I need to check in to see comments a bit more often ;-))
amyrt asked:
OMG! This is gorgeous~ Does it fit?
LizzyH answered:
Hi and thanks for your comment. It does fit, but I did make it once before and had to size up a bit for this one.
Patty Webster61 asked:
I love it! I wanna learn to make bras. I've been doing a lot of studying.
LizzyH answered:
Thanks Patty! It can seem daunting at first several types of fabrics, elastics, wires, hooks, etc. all in one project. But the sewing part isn't really that complicated or overly tricky, just go step by step and before you know it you've got a bra! Do expect to make a couple at first before you're completely happy, both for fitting and for the sewing. Starting with a kit can make gathering all the bits a little easier as well. I originally took a class through my local ASG Anne St. Clair held a workshop near me and I learned a lot in a weekend. It was really helpful and we were also able to purchase a kit (albeit a rather plain-Jane one) that had everything we needed to make 3 bras. After making those 3 basic bras, I felt I could move on to using more exciting fabrics, laces etc. as well as using different patterns. It is easy to get obsessed with bra-making it's a lot of fun!
Patty Webster asked:
Is there a pattern for the bra?
LizzyH answered:
The pattern for this particular bra is by Merckwaerdigh and is BHS10. (There is a link above to the pattern on the company's Etsy store.) I don't know if I'd recommend it for a first bra however, as it's a 3 part cup with the outer part also becoming part of the strap. Not difficult, but not so straightforward either. Also, the instructions are rather terse and not great for a beginner. The first pattern I used was the Queen Bra Elite from Needlenook Fabrics, (owned by Anne St. Clair who taught my class). Her daughter is Monica Bravo, who owns and she designed the Bravo Bra 2. You can purchase either of these bra patterns from either site, along with Anne's book and bra making supplies or kits. I would also recommend Kwik Sew 3300 if you like a partial band style. The Kwik Sew pattern has great instructions. Great to hear that Craftsy is going to offer a bra-making class. I wonder who the teacher will be?!
Pohutukawa asked:
Lovely, gorgeous fabric and lace
LizzyH answered:
Thank you!

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