Sis Boom Angie Dress

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Made it in under 6 hours, overnight, the night before a wedding and it still looked nice, fit properly and is so comfortable, I will make another before the end of the week so I don't wear out my current dress! When I saw myself in the completed dress after, I was so proud of it, that I felt beautiful. I didn't have to figure out how to up-size the pattern to accommodate my large frame, if anything, I had to scale down a bit. I used bright colors that I like and I know for sure that it fits my specifications. The pride overcomes my insecurities about how I look in pictures. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Give yourself time (at least more than 6 hours!) to finish the dress after you've made the muslin. The pattern is extremely straight-forward, read through the instructions at least once BEFORE you start sewing, instead of assuming that some of the directions make no sense. Using the seam ripper again and again has taught me that. P.S. You might become addicted to wearing dresses again, just like when you were younger and liked wearing dresses your mother made for you, before it became uncool

What you will need

  • 100% Quilting Cotton

Q&A with Ebony Faery

TanjaH asked:
You made a really pretty dress, that fits you well and it looks store bought. Great job!
Ebony Faery answered:
Thank you! I was worried that it was not as fitted as the picture, but realized it's as fitted as it can be for my body, so it looks great!
shazdove asked:
You look very pretty, you must be proud to wear something you made for yourself
Ebony Faery answered:
Thank you! Yes, I am incredibly proud because I made a pretty dress in record time using quilt fabric AND I feel luxurious. I feel I deserve nice things, so rather than mope about it, I am actively making nice things for myself now, instead of waiting for someone to give things to me.

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