What you will need

  • Rayon Knits

Q&A with JillyBe

Pat Mitchell asked:
This looks very comfortable, the color combo is very interesting. Thanks for posting
JillyBe answered:
The lighting makes the colors look a bit clashy, imho - better in real life (at least I think so lol!)
dencopela1297312 asked:
It looks terrific!
JillyBe answered:
Thank you! :)
Sarg asked:
The piping makes a great accent. I have a purchased shirt with ribbon piping and would love to try it. Did you have any trouble with the neckband adding the piping?
JillyBe answered:
I had no trouble at all beyond lining up the extra fabric, and then trimming the bulk. Which wasn't extra "trouble", just extra work ;-)

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