Save this Scrap!

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Not paying enough attention when trimming seams, I cut a big hole in the back piece about an inch below where it joins the shawl. I had no extra to cut a new piece, so I took the pieces apart, cut an inch off, sewed the back together again, and redesigned how it connects with the wrapped collar on the side, preserving the juncture and tightening up the upper back and armhole area. As a result, the armholes fit closely and the shawl is looser than designed, but without the original pattern to compare it to, nobody would know. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't give up even if you make what at first seems like a disastrous error! Also, basting is critical. Basting and fitting allowed me to confirm that simply tightening up the upper back would work and I didn't need to recut the armhole.

What you will need

  • Scrap of swimsuit material used in lining another dress; Red Dot pattern transfer cloth.

Q&A with Hopeful sewer

chantayd03@yahoo.com asked:
I am a scrap user. I have pieced together odd ball stuff and made it work. Sometimes I think I have "frankensteined" things together. It works and I am the only one that knows....basting is my friend. ;-)
Hopeful sewer answered:
Totally agree! I'm a relatively new convert to basting, but even in a shortt time it's saved my sewing butt repeatedly.