Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I gave myself the possibility to do something easy and still useful for my future sewing. Some of the seams I have used before but some of them have been on my to-do-list for years and I havent found the right project or the right moment for it, Now I have tried them and I think it will be much easier to take them in to a new project. And I am a little proud of my small samples and that I did collect them for my future projects. What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is so easy and fun. Making samples are a good start of a project. No big deal if you dont like it, you dont have to wear it... or use it. When you work with the samples a lot of ideas pop up and you could just go on and do it. Follow Katrinas lessons and do the samples (and if you like the idea: put them in the swatch book Katrina prepared for us). You can use a simple sewing machine. I made everything with my very old vintage Singer and a regular presser foot and my zipper foot. I have to add that two of the seams need a machine that have the zig zag, otherwise I made everything with my straight stitch machine, Singer 201k

What you will need

  • Fabric in my stash

Q&A with Eva testar

Katrina Walker asked:
Love it!!! Yes, when I teach "in the real world" I often have my students build step-by-step sample reference notebooks - just like in this class! They love their notebooks...I have had students come back and repeat a class just because they lost their notebook! I am thrilled to see your samples. :) Happy sewing!
Eva testar answered:
Thank You Katrina. Still waiting for the dress pattern to arrive. In the meantime I think I going to make something out of my growing sample collection. And.... henceforth, I probably going to add piping in all my seams!
Katrina Walker asked:
p.s. - your Singer is beautiful!
Eva testar answered:
Yes I think so too. Beautiful and strong and she sews over bumps and thick crossing seams without complaining. Perfect for the seminole techniques.
Hopeful sewer asked:
I hadn't really thought about taking this class but now it's on my list for sure. My machine is nowhere near so cool, but it is a good workhorse and just looking at your examples gives a lot of ideas. Thanks!
Eva testar answered:
Thank you Hopeful sewer! Its fun to make samples (and organize them!) This class is a good starting point to do that.
Sylvie14 asked:
After reading the class descriptions I am very interested in taking this class!! And your sewing machine is lovely! I have my mother's singer ( Vintage 1930's and it looks similar. If you can do it on this, you can do it on anything! Beautiful!! Thank you for showing us!
Eva testar answered:
Thank you Sylvie. I have to admit that I own several old machines. Both treadle and electric. This one is electric and you drive it with the knee.
Sylvie14 asked:
Yes, Eva Tester! Knee driven!! I had to relearn with the peddle...I always was looking for the knee lever! I learned to sew on the machine with the knee lever driven feature! thanks for the memories!
Eva testar answered:
Thank you Sylvie. For me the knee lever is a new experience. I have had that machine for a few years. I learned to drive with the foot on my mothers Husqvarna Automatic (Viking)

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