Room of My Own: Sewing Space

Project Description

What was your source for this sewing project? Improvisational What are you most proud of? SEWING STORAGE:I'm most proud of the old library card files I stripped and painted to invent a unique storage system for sewing notions. There are 120 card file drawers, each 5" wide by 17" long. We stacked the file drawer cabinet sections on a wooden bases--all painted black satin finish, and topped with laminate counter tops. I confess, it's wonderful to open a file drawer and find just the thing I was looking for. And likewise, easy to put things away. A place for everything; and everything in its place. It's an overly-organized person's dream storage. Are you an O-O? When I'm seated at the sewing machine--the first three top drawers to my right are Utilities, Needles, Measuring. First three top drawers to my left are Bobbins, Scissors, Pens/Marking. Remaining sections house Threads, Zippers, and Buttons--sorted by hue, having their own labeled drawer. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take time for yourself, and take initiative to find a space where you can study and create. For years I created a sewing space for myself in the basement I shared with spiders. Oh yes, it was creepy spiders and poor lighting that drove me upstairs to steal away space on the dining room table. Dining room sewing was always an inconvenient mess. The downside of sewing at the dining table was--I burned up lots of time searching for various notions and tools in boxes stored in the corner of the dining room. It left me with the conviction to one day make a proper space for sewing--which came recently after I retired. I never gave up the quest asking for a personal space where I could sew and be creative. You could say I bitched a long, long time until I got my space, and you'd be right. 4 decades is a whole lot of being patient. Honestly, I never expected as grand a sewing space as what it turned out to be. I would have been happy with a modest room of my own, but shhhhhh, let's not tell my husband that now, ok?My point is--you deserve to have your own space. Fight for it. Being creative makes you a happier person. You are the splendid YOU, because you are creative.

What you will need

  • A peek at my sewing space where I design handbags and machine quilt.

Q&A with Shoestring

DaisyandFlorrie asked:
Shoestring answered:
Hi Daisy and Florrie. What cute names for sassy ladies like you two. Love it.
jolet.uil1493518 asked:
What a wonderful space!
Shoestring answered:
Hi Jolet. Thanks for your kind words. I'll be waiting to see your projects and leave you a note, ok?
TanjaH asked:
OMG, you have a sewing palace! I love it!
Shoestring answered:
Hi my friend Tanja. I sure enjoy making a mess in the studio. I can't get over how much lint I create just sewing. First thing everyday-- I sweep the floor and put away the previous day's chaos before starting to sew. Maybe I should just get a leaf blower, eh?
Jill-1234 asked:
Beautiful!!!! Love it!
Shoestring answered:
Hi Jill. I'm work in the studio most days--especially rainy dreary days like today. I listen to great music. Love the 80s. My favorite group is The Pointer Sisters.
abanabana asked:
This space is made to fully indulge yourself into creating! My respect goes to the interior designer: from colour concept to functional space space planing. Your new studio looks and feels fabulous (even over the electronic highway)!
Shoestring answered:
Hello abanabana. I'm the interior designer. My husband is a carpenter who built all the bases and cubbies for the library file drawers. I chose gray/brown wall color--I call it mudslide. Ha! The 3.5 inch shelf rail perimeters the studio. I used the same shelf rail to perimeter the our Victorian bathroom design. I'll post a photo, so you can see it.