poor man's organizer

What are you most proud of? the final look

You Can Make This

cyndi 21 made poor man's organizer with:

  • shelf from old bookshelf
  • nails
  • fabric

Project Description

What are you most proud of? the final look

Q&A with cyndi 21

glady asked:
Im glad to see what you did with your bobbins, cuz I dont know how to put away w/out the threads everywhere getting tangled! Thanks!
cyndi 21 answered:
yeah, that was my problem too...everything was always getting all tangled up that was one of my main reasons for trying this to get better organized : )
grandmaruthran asked:
How Cleaver!! Great idea!!! I am going to make one. Also like idea for hanging jewelry.
cyndi 21 answered:
shelaklar365665 asked:
Great job!!
cyndi 21 answered:
thank you : )
susandalton asked:
I love your sewing room! SO organized.
cyndi 21 answered:
thanks : )

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