Pants fitting - no alterations

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Er so far - nothing. These are terrible ! Oh hold on, the crotch length is good I think - standing and sitting is comfy and there is no gaping. The sewing doesn't seem to be difficult, although I have never put in a pants zipper before, but the fitting is everything ! What advice would you give someone starting this project? I can't give any advice - but clearly I need some ! I'll be rewatching the sections on how to remove some of that excess from the back under the bum for the flat seat adjustment. I'm sure the adjustments are half an inch here, half an inch there but I seem to need about 6 inches of fabric taking out - is going to be a challenge. But I'm not sure what to do about the extra fabric in the front middle. The width at the top where the trouser meets the waist band is pretty good so where does all the extra come from and where can I adjust to make it go? Looks like I have some hours of rewatching and remaking this pattern and this test piece over and over again. It will surely be a miracle to get some trousers at the end that I would leave the house wearing !

What you will need

  • Just some cheapy fabric to test fitting

Q&A with So Sew Easy

bellbird123 asked:
Thanks so much for posting photos of your project! Nice to see what others are up to and how they are going about altering for a better fit. I'm not an expert but, I was looking though the pattern instructions for Vogue 2948 and Step 2 says " If you have thin legs, use a size smaller than your hip size below the crotch". There is a diagram too to show what they mean. Maybe this is worth a try?? Don't give up, keep trying and you'll be so happy when you get this to work!
So Sew Easy answered:
Yes, this is certainly one of the adjustments I plan to make. That should make them look a little less roomy in the leg.
Ms. BB asked:
Hi Deby, From the pictures you have posted, the fit doesn't look bad at all. I think these should fit with more ease than say jeans but from the angles you've shown us, I don't see the massive extra material. The front should be an easy fix, just a little taken in at each of those seams at the top next to the waistband. I think the legs can be fixed with the thinner leg trick mentioned below of using a size smaller. As to the back, I wonder if they will hang more smoothly if you add just a tiny bit to the back crotch seam, and a tiny bit to the top of the inner thigh back seam? Thank you so much for posting and I hope our comments and suggestions help.
So Sew Easy answered:
Thank you for taking the time to give all those great suggestions. I'm working my way back through all of the videos now and am confident my next attempt will be much nearer.

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