Nursery bedding & Gifts for Isabel

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I made a baby blanket! I've never made any kind of quilt or bedding before, so I'm thrilled that the result is something I can be proud of, even as a first time out. I'm also very happy with the pattern matching on the top front and side of the bench cushion. Perfect! It wasn't easy, as this fabric is printed oddly - off-center motifs made it quite a challenge to match patterns and have seams placed where I wanted them. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just have fun and enjoy the process. Creating a nursery was one of the most special projects I've ever worked on. Vanessa's class was a great idea source and project inspiration. PS: Minky is very stretchy...I pulled it taut on the felt of a billiard table, pinned the heck of to it to the quilt top, and it's still too large! Live and learn.

What you will need

  • One of my oldest & dearest friends is expecting her first child
  • a girl
  • in October. She liked the print and colors of a set she'd seen made from these fabrics but wanted different pieces and more customization for her nursery.

Q&A with JillStraw

Purdy Cheese asked:
Box cushions.......impressive! that's my specialty, any time you want to change jobs give me a call, my ladies and I would be happy to share our workroom with you. :0)
JillStraw answered:
Thank you Purdy! This is in,y the 3rd one I've ever done and the first that wasn't an odd shape. Why did I find a rectangle so much more difficult than an irregular triangle or octagon? Lol. Next time I'll just send you the job! Deal? ;-)
Purdy Cheese asked:
Hi Jill , are you piping the top first top and bottom then adding your border?
JillStraw answered:
Hmmm....let me try to remember! I did the whole nursery at the same time to ward off boredom haha. I believe on this cushion I piped the top, the bottom and then attached the zipper strip and boxing strip. I just remember vividly trying to align this 42" off center-printed fabric on a 40" piece of wrapped foam so that I could get the front and top to match and still have enough seam allowance to work with to attach the bottom. Oh I remember now! I did pipe the bottom first before I sewed the strips on after making sure I the pattern matching in front and back. Was that where I went wrong?
Purdy Cheese asked:
Sorry Jill not interlining! Interfacing same stuff you use on dresses, I use the stick on one. Good luck
JillStraw answered:
those are great suggestions! thanks again for your help :D I'l be starting another one soon, if the user can ever make up her mind on fabric - jeesh - my mom is so indecisive, lol!! I will definitely follow your excellent and experienced tips on my next "regular shaped" boxed cushion! Oh! I did wrap the zipper around the sides of the cushion on this one. Is it after I attach the zipper strip to one end of the boxing strip that i should walk the seam? and should i do that before i attach the bias tape piping to the strips? and one other thing I should just have you over lol!, i've read some books that say to make the cushions cover half an inch smaller than the size of the foam. i am not sure how i feel about this - doesn't that put too much stress on the seams? if it's sewn properly shouldn't it fit well and snug? i owe you for all your help name your price!
Purdy Cheese asked:
Sew your piping under the fabric, piping on teeth side then face cloth face down on piping this will stop your fabric gathering. Good luck I'm on face book under Purdy Garcia if you want to message me or you get stuck when your sewing, and it really isn't a problem giving you info. :0)
JillStraw answered:
thank you again! i don't go on facebook much, but if i do i have a feeling it will be to look for you! LOL I'm jill straw there, too. You have really been so generous... thank you.

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