My Little Flower

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Finishing it! This was my 'unlucky' project. I had to start all over after the first attempt as I adjusted the pattern wrong and made it too skinny. Then I cut the fabric wrong (ended up with 2 back pieces that were facing the same way - oops), and didn't have enough fabric to fix that... I ran to Spotlight a day after and was so pleased to grab the last 2 meters of this fabric, which allowed me to finish this project, and now I can make something else out of this fabric :) What advice would you give someone starting this project? There is nothing wrong with stuffing up :) hahaha Oh, and NEVER EVER cut the fabric when you are too tired! Never hehe

What you will need

  • Quilting cotton fabric
  • interfacing
  • elastic
  • buttons
  • snap clips thingos.... and my close friend the seam ripper haha

Q&A with Jenya

lizrev asked:
What a lovely cool summer outfit....not that there has been much summer!
Jenya answered:
Yeah we certainly didn't have the usual hot summer with temps over 40 for a few days in the row... But we still had a lot of nice warm days in mid and high 30's. It is 35 today, and LM is wearing her romper to childcare today :) I hope you were not affected by flooding lizrev!
5 out of 4 asked:
I am working on this pattern right now and there seems to be a problem with the directions concerning the snap facing. It is driving me CRAZY! When I sew the snap facing on and turn it over to form pockets for the elastic, the elastic is on the outside of the snap facing! I've come up with my own way of doing it, but I wanted to see if there really was an error with the directions or if I'm just losing my mind. Thank you!
Jenya answered:
Oh :( I made this romper a year ago. I did not follow instructions for the casing, I rebelled a bit (as you do when you have been sewing for 6 months, right??), and from memory I made elastic casing, enserted elastic, secured it by sewing a couple of lines at the beginnig and the end of casing, and only then sew the thingo where you put the snaps on... Did any of this make any sense??