My Fitting Shell Adjusted - Flat Pattern

Project Description

What are you most proud of? After this class with Joi Mahon, I am not afraid of fitting anymore. Finally, after so many years figuring out what areas I need to alter for my unique body shape and type... this visual and organized class really helped. Now I can focus on finishing garments that really fit! What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you are new to fitting and understanding commercial pattern alterations, you should take this class and "Sew the Perfect fit" with Linda Maynard. I feel that by having both approaches to pattern fitting opens up your mind and you develop an eye for understanding body proportions, body shapes, and identifying quickly where do you need to add or subtract wether you work on a muslin or on your flat pattern. Craftsy has done a great job designing and organizing this classes. I hope you see the benefits immediately like I did.

What you will need

  • -Tissue for pattern making - Fitting Shell pattern: For Fast-Track class Vogue 1004 ( I used Butterick B5746) -Muslin Fabric for final fitting -Ideally
  • a dress form made of duct tape with your body shape if you don't have a helper to take your body measurements

Q&A with WinterLady

Joi Mahon asked:
I enjoyed your write up. Thanks for sharing.
WinterLady answered:
Thanks Joi, I am working on perfecting the pencil skirt...I am really excited ... I can't believe I am cutting and pasting patterns (finally???!)
Stacey G. asked:
Hi. Thanks for posting this. I'm new to fitting (made a lot of dresses that don't fit properly along the chest) and wondering, if you had to choose, which Craftsy fitting class you'd recommend to someone stepping into fitting issues. Thanks for any suggestions you have!
WinterLady answered:
That is a great question... what works for me might not work for everybody. I personally started with Linda Maynard's Sew the Perfect Fit because it was the first and only fitting video class. Make sure you have a clone of your body handy, lots of muslin fabric, and if you can take both classes because there are intertwined. That is, you could start with Joi to work on the flat pattern as much as possible and then you will go through a final fitting with a test garment so LInda's class comes handy. Because I am more the visual type, I feel I need to see the fabric on "my body" (my clone) to understand where exactly I need to make an adjustment. Then I see my recorded measurements and adjust the flat pattern. Sorry if this is not clear cut, but I guess is a process that needs refining as you learn fitting like the pros! Good luck, I hope you get the most of these classes.
NancyGTK asked:
So glad you show the before & after. Your bodice looks like mine once altered. Then I always have a problem with the sleeve cap alteration. Have you gotten that far yet? Am very interested in your method. Great job! Thx for posting!
WinterLady answered:
That is a great point! well.. I am really getting there. I have to stall to take care of summer activities with my little one. But definitely, I had to do alteration on chest front and back and that means I have to deal with altering the cap. Yikes! I will post what I did as soon as I finish the sleeve.

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