mermaid art doll

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The original pattern was batik and I changed it to silk and lace overlay, also the faces are the most fun to do!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Purchase one of Patty Medaris's Books on dollmaking you can contact me for info if you cannot find them, she gives very detailed and easy to follow instructions. The back issues of soft dolls and animals are sometimes available. I will try to share the pattern if possible, if there aren't to many requests. Take your time and be patient, don't worry if it isn't perfect it is all about being creative not perfection! Your work will get better and easier with each project.

What you will need

  • kona cotton
  • lace
  • rhinestones
  • sequins
  • polfill
  • yarn
  • oil pencils
  • permanent markers
  • sea shells

Q&A with beadingbetz

Dawn hoff asked:
ive just got one of her books. cant wait to get started ,youve made a lovely job of the mermaid how long did it take you ?
beadingbetz answered:
Hi Dawn!! I love her books, they are so helpful! I teach classes and workshops and always recommend buying at least one of them. It took me over 10 years to finally make her after saving the pattern and dreaming of time for this project! Then I moved near the beach and went back to work in a Fabric store. The lace I used came in and I immediately thought Mermaid Doll! The first doll probably took me several days I can complete one in about 5 to 6 hours now! That is because I have made so many of them.
Dawn hoff asked:
I do a lot of dreaming of time to do projects ,ive been working on practising the faces im getting better, and ive collected bags of fabrics and trims i love the fact that you can use all sorts of bright gaudy trims that you couldnt put on anything else .just need to get going now
beadingbetz answered:
Collections of embellishments always help inspire me, I don't always know exactly what I am going to use it for but certain things just speak to me and I have to have them. Keep dreaming and the right time will come to begin your project. I didn't have time when I first got the Mermaid pattern either. I would love to see when you do get started!
Dawn hoff asked:
funny you should reply now, i'm hosting a crafty day with some friends this weekend and we are going to be having a go at making dolls and i'm doing the mermaid ! i'll take some picks as we go along
beadingbetz answered:
sounds like a fun time and a really great idea! I will look forward to seeing the photos! I know I am sorry I don't check my Craftsy as often as I should!!