Make It With Wool

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Taking the time to Focus on Fit. Yes, at least 10 tries with various patterns. I had some real problem areas due to round shoulders and sway back. Learning so many new skills and techniques, available from the Couture Dress Course. I felt like I had a "Best Friend" and "Sewing Angel" with me, at every step. Of course - Finishing It! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Enjoy the process. Stay with it. Set a goal for each time you sew. Check each step, as short cuts will only compound. If it's not just right, do-over. Kathy Ruddy's Seam Slicer was always my nearest notion. Gather what you expect you will need, before you start. Since many hometowns have limited options, and many supplies may need to be ordered, don;t settle for whatever is available. Search until you find what you need. Practice your pressing techniques. This is so important for the fabric you choose. Don't let an iron ruin your project. Test your Interfacings! and your Embroidery Stabilizers! My three most important purchases were a new iron Oliso Pro (the one that does Push Ups), Dress Form (On Sale at Hancock Fabrics and Couture Womens Size Coat Hangers from the Kirby Hanger Project.

What you will need

  • 90% Wool and 10% Mohair - Handwoven

Q&A with CCCouture

Scheri Manson asked:
Congratulations. Your coat is simply beautiful. Details, details what beautiful details. I can't wait to se the re-do of your blouse.
CCCouture answered:
Yes, A Sewing Angel was looking out for me, as I one of my lovely gifts my Pendleton Woolens was a length of the exact same fabric! I didn't realize when selecting the blouse pattern, to think of the fullness in the arm area, and how it would affect the sleeve fit. I am actually glad for a re-do, but I still love the original blouse.
Hopeful sewer asked:
What did you finally end up using for the interfacing/underlining? It looks amazingly tidy.
CCCouture answered:
The underlining was Silk Organza from Nancy Erickson, Fashion Sewing Group and two different weights of sew in hair canvas. The most important technique was the Angel/Featherweight fusible for all seams from Professional Sewing Supplies at PO Box 14272, Seattle, WA. Once I showed Ms Nakaya my fabric, she offered the perfect solution. If by chance you get to attend the Stitch and Sewing Expo, in Pallyup, WA, it is worth every dollar in learning experiences and meeting with the best Professionals in the country!
Julie Eilber asked:
Fantastic job! What pattern did you end up using?
CCCouture answered:
I cloned two Burda patterns: 8592 for the Jacket body and 7321 for the Keyhole neckline/collar.
zinniz asked:
Did you weave the fabric too, or is it a purchased handwoven? It really turned out great! I love your flower accent too.
CCCouture answered:
I purchased (invested) in a handwoven fabric by Linda Kubik of Ritzville, WA while attending the Stitchery and Sewing Expo, in Pallyup, WA. She is such an artist! I shared with her that my intent was to use it to enter the Make It With Wool Contest. She shared with me that she is also a Sponsor for the contest and each year awards a fabric to the National Contestants.
Ms. BB asked:
Your coat is elegant and beautifully made, well-deserving of its first prize in NC's MIWW contest. I love the matching flower broach on the coat. Did you use a pattern for that or just create it? I'd love to see your "grasshopper" dress! Being a gardener, I am in need of seeing beauty in this particular bug, and am sure your gown is gorgeous.
CCCouture answered:
I clipped a petal from a Freebie Machine Embroidery available at: http://en.embgallery.com/V_001 and created two sizes. The tutorial is a scrapbook flower tutorial available at: http://amadrian8.blogspot.com/2012/07/saturdaynew-flower-tutorial.html

Skill Level