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What was your inspiration? Some lucky students in my class get to be my dummies LOL. I use people of all shapes and sizes. One of my volunteers was Jean who is learning fashion design. You can't see it in this photo but she has a very dominant waist and then immediate curve into the hip area. So for her she is very different sizes of patterns on the top and bottom. What I love to do in my classes are take a single mannequin and make a pattern on it and then make that pattern fit anyone of any size in my class. I can take a 12 and change it to fit a 28 or a size 2 simply by using my proportional changes. SO that is why I am NEVER hung up on pattern size or dress form size. Those are tools to use as a starting point since they all need to be changed to make a truly custom pattern. So I took Jean's measurements in class and did a demo on apply my method. It took about 30 seconds to do about 6 adjustments in front of the class. Showing off??NO just showing how easy it is and how silly lots of other methods are. So I just tossed the adjusted pattern up on Jean in front of the class and look how spot on it is even for a quick demo. It works.

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