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What was your inspiration? Some lucky students in my class get to be my dummies LOL. I use people of all shapes and sizes. One of my volunteers was Jean who is learning fashion design. You can't see it in this photo but she has a very dominant waist and then immediate curve into the hip area. So for her she is very different sizes of patterns on the top and bottom. What I love to do in my classes are take a single mannequin and make a pattern on it and then make that pattern fit anyone of any size in my class. I can take a 12 and change it to fit a 28 or a size 2 simply by using my proportional changes. SO that is why I am NEVER hung up on pattern size or dress form size. Those are tools to use as a starting point since they all need to be changed to make a truly custom pattern. So I took Jean's measurements in class and did a demo on apply my method. It took about 30 seconds to do about 6 adjustments in front of the class. Showing off??NO just showing how easy it is and how silly lots of other methods are. So I just tossed the adjusted pattern up on Jean in front of the class and look how spot on it is even for a quick demo. It works.

Q&A with Joi Mahon

Cikk asked:
I really really want to buy this class but have no idea what size to choosefor the pattern! It's the only thing that's stopped me getting it already... I am around a 37 bust, usually use size 14 patterns, and ALWAYS find the back big, and am heavy below the waist. I am sorry to highjack your project pic but can find no other way to ask the designer this question :)
Joi Mahon answered:
hey I just found this. Select a patter close to your bust- yes bust not chest. The pattern is a tool to learn the process. You will be measuring your body and then changing areas of the pattern. In reality you can take a size 2 and make it a 22 if you want. now most people will start with a pattern closer to their size, but that is very possible. Don't get to hung up on pattern size because they are not reflective of the modern figure. See you in class
rita.urba1446362 asked:
How does the person that buys fast track fitting get the info they buy?
Joi Mahon answered:
If I understand your question correctly, you log into your Craftsy account and the class is in your library.

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