leather carryall - oversized

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I painted the wrong side in bright green! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Do not attempt thick leather without walking foot machine (industrial)

What you will need

  • very thick leather

Q&A with Sveta McBirnie

Joanna Y asked:
Very nice bag! I like the color and style . What material did you use for painting the inside ? Can you recommend a good industrial machine that can sew thick leather easily?
Sveta McBirnie answered:
in addition to very good recommendations below: (1)some people recommend to change size of the output wheel on the motor to a smaller one to reduce speed - I did not try it but you can do research. also, please see my comments on the machine I have and I would recommend :-) (2) to paint the leather on inside, I used neutral edge coat with added acrylic paint (the latter can be bough in a any art supply/dollar store)
TweedyBits asked:
this is a beautiful handbag! which sewing machine do you have because I have really struggled to sew leather on my machine without having to hand sew all the missed stitches.
Sveta McBirnie answered:
I bought a few month ago my first industrial walking foot machine consew 118.it is over 50 yo flat bad and has limitations - for example I cannot stitch close to the razed area - zipper, piping, rolled handle etc. I have to work around it and it limits the construction that I can use. on the other hand it is very strong and goes easily through very thick leather. it has clutch motor that is too fast and I was scared to use the machine and had no control over speed at first. after 3 month I made over dozed handbags (some posted here, some I made to order) and my control of the speed is much better. it you buy walking foot machine, make sure to use leather needles, appropriate size on nylon or upholstery thread and have additional feet for your machine for piping and zipper installation - newer models have these options. I also think that adler on consew with cylinder bed is a better choice and it allows to stitch in closed/tight areas. good luck, sveta
TweedyBits asked:
Thank you for the information and the handbags you've uploaded on here are fantastic! I've had recommendations from other people to use an older machine so I toyed with the idea of getting a proper industrial machine but I don't have the room and they are too ugly to have sat in my dining room so instead I bought myself a 50 odd year old Jones machine which is very basic but can sew leather and the seller is sending me a teflon foot for it too. My husband has also treated me to an upgrade for my brother sewing machine to a Frister & Rossmann quilters machine which has an extra high presser foot to enable me to sew around the top of my tweed bags easier and it has a lot more stitches and other fancy bits that my brother didn't have. Unfortunately, I can't have that sewing machine until my birthday next week but I can't wait to make a leather handbag this weekend using my Jones machine. I just hope I can work out how to use it and I will watch out for the speed :-) best wishes, Rachael
Sveta McBirnie answered:
Good luck, Rachael! (and Happy Birthday :-) I hope Jones works for you. Sveta