Knit tops

Project Description

What was your inspiration? This class is great. Angela Wolf is an excellent instructor.

What you will need

  • knit fabrics

Q&A with Zsuzso

Cheryl Lemmons asked:
These both look great! They look professionally made. Makes me want to get my serger out and try to figure out how to use it. I've enrolled in Craftsy's beginning serger class, but haven't had time yet to go through it. Good work!
Zsuzso answered:
Thank you Cheryl ! :) I love these classes. Full of information. I've enrolled in Sewing Fashion Knits as well, both are very good classes. I hope you get that serger out when you have time. I can't sew without it.
SweetJasmine asked:
Wow! Nice work.
Zsuzso answered:
Thank you SweetJasmine !
Flosmum asked:
That's absolutely lovely! Well done. Where did you buy the fabric and the beads?
Zsuzso answered:
Thank you Flosmum ! I bought everything at Joann, those are not beads, they are Tulip iron on crystals. I used a regular iron, but since then I bought the tool for it, but I haven't used it yet.
Purdy Cheese asked:
Wow this is a rather special T-shirt! You have made it beautifully. I've chosen my next class.... Isn't it amazing that we have these wonderful machines and we only use the basic stitches. Just done decorative seams, using stitches I didn't even know the machine had!!
Zsuzso answered:
Thank you Purdy Cheese. You will enjoy this class too, it's full of information, Angela Wolf is an excellent instructor.
chase541196157 asked:
Well done. The extra touches like the decorative blue stitching and the beads make both of these look so professional.
Zsuzso answered:
Thank you chase...

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