Juice Pouch bag

Project Description

What are you most proud of? As with everything else, you get better with practice and these bags are getting better each time. I have tried lunch bags, small bags and medium bags. I am looking forward to trying a some of the larger bags also. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Use a heavy duty needle and thread on the machine. Be patient with the sewing, sometimes you have to hand feed it if it slips on the foil pouch. Have fun with the combination of pouches and even ribbons or whatever you use as handles.

What you will need

  • Recycled Juice Pouches from the school. Cleaned and sewn together.

Q&A with onyx95

SnowDayArtist asked:
What a great idea! - Nice work too. I once saw a woman wearing a juice pouch vest - but you couldn't tell that until you got up close. It looked like fabric from far away. I love your lunch bag!
onyx95 answered:
Thanks, they are actually quite fun to make too. A vest, I never would have thought of that.
winnywoo asked:
I like this idea. My grandkids are here every other weekend so I have lots of the juice pouches.
onyx95 answered:
They do add up so fast. I get mine from my kids school, snack time makes it easy to get enough quickly.
Suzxmarie asked:
Nice work. I guess I'm up for a challenge.
onyx95 answered:
Thanks, they are kind of fun to make.