Jeans Bag

Project Description

What are you most proud of? It turned out the way it was supposed to.

What you will need

  • Old blue jeans and a curtain

Q&A with Ladymax

AuntieBelle asked:
I love it!! So cute!
Ladymax answered:
Thank you.
Fatima asked:
Very clever. I am all for recycling old stuff.
Ladymax answered:
Me. too. Thanks.
tknight888 asked:
I've been looking for a pattern to make my many old jeans tops into something useful. great job!
Ladymax answered:
Thank you.
midgey63949420 asked:
i love a good jean bag,so many ways to change it up.
Ladymax answered:
You bet.
Betty Biscuit asked:
I love the zing of colour contrasting with the denim blue - what a lovely bag!
Ladymax answered:
Many thanks

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