Happy Little Penguin

Project Description

What are you most proud of? My original design. If I had more time I'd put the pattern up for sale on Craftsy. Perhaps it will be my first pattern as a Designer after the first of the year. It took some adjusting to achieve the design but I had a lot of fun in the process. In the end he looks like I imagined he'd be. He's quick to make. From idea to the finished toy took only a few hours. I started in the evening by creating the pattern. The most time consuming thing was embroidering his features. Aside from the fleece everything I used I already had! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Go ahead, put the ideas in your head on paper. I used a large brown paper bag for the pattern and a sharpie to highlight the middle. This makes transferring the features to fabric easier. Add a seam allowance to the edge to accommodate stuffing. Don't add a seam allowance to the applique in the middle. When stuffing fill the extremities first. Use a blind stitch to close the opening. Design takes some work but in the end you'll feel quite satisfied!

What you will need

  • Black and white fleece
  • black and white polyester thread
  • black embroidery thread
  • brown paper bag
  • sharpie
  • polyester stuffing.

Q&A with NanaJeanFL

gmhnQuilts asked:
That is sooooo cute!!!! Even cuter than the cat :)
NanaJeanFL answered:
patz in suffolk asked:
I love him, right from hhis funny face to his cute little tail! Clever you! Happy Christmas, Jean! (Not such a Newbie now - will have to call you "NowadesignerJean"!)
NanaJeanFL answered:
What a nice thing to say Pat! Thank you so much!
Darns asked:
Well, isn't he just the cutest thing! So huggable! (I also think he's better than the cat.) Merry Christmas!
NanaJeanFL answered:
Thanks Darns! Merry Christmas to you too!
Ladybev asked:
Absolutely adorable!
NanaJeanFL answered:
Thanks Ladybev!
SandiePink asked:
He is SOOO Very Cute! And YOU are Quite Talented! I would NEVER dream of making my own pattern! You have done yourself Proud!! :-)
NanaJeanFL answered:
Thank you Sandie - what a nice compliment.