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Project Description

What are you most proud of? My measurements are still about the same, and I've used this form all these years. I have it popped over the top of my industrial dress form. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Try to wet only the glue side of the tape with a wet sponge, so it takes relatively less drying time.

What you will need

  • Paper tape and old T-shirt.

Q&A with Barbara Deckert

anapkay16785089 asked:
Do we learn how to make a dressform in this class? Forgive me if this question shows up several times as I was not able to KNOW if I ever really posted for any of my tries.
Barbara Deckert answered:
Yes! There is an entire lesson on how to make the paper tape dress form.
CMF asked:
Wow, I NEED one of these!! They now make self-sticking tape, hard to find but it's out there.
Barbara Deckert answered:
The only type I have tested is the wetable paper tape. It forms a type of paper mache, and the tape you are referring to might not work.
Dubunny asked:
Does this upsize a smaller dress form? There is a used one for sale very cheap I can get, but it is very small.
Barbara Deckert answered:
No! The paper tape dress form comes in any size that YOU are. It exactly reproduces your own size, shape, and postsuure. I teach how to make on in my class "Plus Size Pattern Fitting and Design." In the class lesson on dress forms, I explain that standardized dress forms do not look or measure like real people, and I explain how to fix that problem.
kquilter51138462 asked:
Barbara - I 've just finished watching your whole class while waiting for my pattern . It was exceptional ! I know you have said there is no such thing as a"sloping " waist-- but when my paper tape body form is done I will show you I must be the only one who does have that sloping waist . I have had multiple problems getting anything to fit me nicely and am holding out hope that your methods will work !
Barbara Deckert answered:
I didn't say that it doesn't exist! I said that it can form after years of wearing ill-fitting undergarments and pants. I used the expression "belly dent line." I also said that hanging your waistbands much lower in front than in back makes hems hang unevenly. So try wearing your waistline as close to level in front as in back if you can, and be sure to get undergarments that are long enough in crotch length for you to do this. Think of this issue as a goal!

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