Frilly Ombre Apron

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am the most proud that I was able to modify this to fit me and my style while still being able to utilize my serger and stick with the original project. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't be afraid to modify this apron to suit your own style. I wasn't too fond of the look of the original, but I still wanted to do the project, so that I could learn the techniques. With a little bit of imagination, you can make this apron in a style that will suit you and your very own personality.

What you will need

  • Premium Quilter's Cotton
  • Nursery Print Cotton and Bulky Nylon - variegated and non-variegated

Q&A with Lizzy Beth

JPetz3057 asked:
I think it's very pretty! I have a serger too, but only use it for the seam edges. I was thinking of taking this class to learn more about how to use it. Thanks for sharing!
Lizzy Beth answered:
Thank you JP. This is a very interesting and informative class. I am learning a lot. I only have one more project to go for this class and then I will be done. I am hoping that Amy will present us with another serger class - maybe one with garments.
cicala asked:
This is great
Lizzy Beth answered:
Thank you cicala :-)
Amy Alan asked:
I LOVE IT! The extra ruffles are exceptional. I'm glad you made it your own- it's so cute!
Lizzy Beth answered:
Thank you Amy. I love this apron. Thank you for showing me how to make it work :-)
madonnadonovan asked:
Very nice style it turned out beautiful.
Lizzy Beth answered:
Thank you madonnadonovan :-)
Nanna Val asked:
Very nice! How did you get your layers so nice and full?
Lizzy Beth answered:
Thank you Nanna :-) I used more fabric than what was called for for the ruffles. I can't remember exactly the measurements. I just played around with the fabric, until I got the look that I wanted.

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