Fleece Hoodie

What you will need

  • Fleece

Q&A with Jill Mandy

Joanna Y asked:
Look nice! Where did you get the fleece? Is it soft?
Jill Mandy answered:
I got the fleece at a fabric store in Toronto. It's very soft...:)
Jill-1234 asked:
Very nice! Love the color :)
Jill Mandy answered:
Thank you so much...:)
Scheri Manson asked:
Oh Jill I love your hoodie. Pinks my fav color :-)
Jill Mandy answered:
Pink is my favorite as well....going to attempt to branch out in colours this year...;)
Teresa Maria asked:
Very pretty, looks it would be very comfortable.
Jill Mandy answered:
Thank you very much.....it's so soft and comfy....I love this piece.

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