Favourite jacket

What you will need

  • Double knit stretch jersey for shell
  • rayon lining.

Q&A with hikingm1776381

WowCarol asked:
I want to be you when I grow up!
hikingm1776381 answered:
CatzSop asked:
Wonderful jacket! Great fabric, beautifully sewn. So well done and inspirational for us all. I'd love to know what pattern you used.
hikingm1776381 answered:
Thanks for the nice feedback! It is a rub-off so no commercial pattern used.
CatzSop asked:
Just read previous posts. If you copied a favorite jacket, do you mind sharing the designer of the jacket?
hikingm1776381 answered:
It was just bought in a chain store in Norway, so designer not known :)
adimple asked:
Ok.... Love the details and colors of a the blazes. Wow you done great.
hikingm1776381 answered: