Elvis Aloha jumpsuit

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Each stud, and all of the stones were hand set (not glued). The studs pierce the outside and the points on the back side were hand crimped. The 'gems' wre individually set in Tiffany and Cabechon mountings and each mounting was individually hand crimped. All of the stud work on the back and front and sleeves had to be done prior to constructing the outfit. I made a muslin of my original design and adjusted the muslin to fit the customer. Then cut the actual jumpsuit from the adjusted muslin. Jumpsuit involved 160 hours of work. What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is a project that requires much patience and a good knowledge of sewing construction to design the pattern. I used a shirt that fit the customer as a basis for cutting the newly designed jumpsuit pattern from muslin. The 'cuffs' and 'leg godets' had to be very carefully designed to look accurate to the original. The collar required extra work as it has to stand up and hold the gem and stud designwork. It was a huge accomplishment, and now I know why they charge over $2500 for the same suit in Nashville.

What you will need

  • White suralene gaberdine. Studs
  • gems and mountings. Zipper Interfacing Haboti silk lining Red satin for leg godets

Q&A with dottyeb

Jay Gietl asked:
This is just awesome! Thanks for sharing.
dottyeb answered:
Thank you.
Deena asked:
Wow! - That is fantastic...very well done! So, did you get compensated for it?
dottyeb answered:
Yes, but not nearly enough. I had no idea how many hours would be involved in the process of attaching over 3500 stones and studs. I found out why they charge over $2500 for the same suit in Nashville. LOL
doubledee516 asked:
OMG! How awesome.
dottyeb answered:
Thank you.
NiceThreads asked:
Wow! That is awesome! He must have been overwhelmed!
dottyeb answered:
Thank you very much.
Jackie Juchniewicz asked:
I'm wondering if you purchased the stud set from Did you get the fabric from them? I'm making one for an Elvis to perform at a party in August...better get started! Love your work!
dottyeb answered:
Yes I did get the studs and stones from jumpsuitsupply. The fabric is Suraline gaberdine from Hancock's fabrics. Each of the stones/studs has a small drop of fabric glue 'behind' it in addition to the crimped 'prongs' on each set or mount that holds it to the fabric. The actual pattern calls for (I think if I can remember) 2 or 3 of the eagles on each leg. But the guy I made this one for was so short I only put one eagle on each leg. It took me approximately 200+ hours to 'stone' the suit. If you get the pattern, take it to a copy place and have them make you several copies. I took one copy and overlayed it with 'mylar', then traced all the 'stone' marking on the mylar. Then I drilled each mark with a Dremel drill and a small 1/8" bit. Then I placed the mylar 'pattern' on the gaberdine and marked each 'hole' with a FINE magic marker. Then I 'stoned' it using those marks and the 'pattern copy' as a guide. Good luck with your suit. If you have problems, you can e-mail me at Also, I designed and drafted my own pattern to fit the customer since I could not find a pattern I liked. Jumpsuit Supply does sell a pattern, but it look too baggy for my purposes. Again good luck, and if I can be of help let me know.