Easy Peasy Potholder

Q&A with KarlitaG

scootersh841235 asked:
I have made many of these potholders for gifts that are always appreciated. Please do not use polyester fabric...I bought my first potholders at a craft fair not knowing the fabric was not 100% cotton....they also did not have insulbrite inside to prevent burns. Needless to say, I learned the hard way when I dumped a broiler pan of steaks inside my oven because the heat suddenly went right through the potholder burning my fingers. Now I just make my own and no more burns. I also use them for "trivets" on my antique table for the serving dishes. Hope this suggestion saves some fingers....
KarlitaG answered:
Thank you for tips. Yes, these are made with 2 layers of insul bright and fabric that's 100% cotton. I made these for Christmas presents. I really love them, they are so easy to make.
lannaok@yahoo.com asked:
These look so cool, I am sure your friends love these as gifts, and they are so unique and stylish !
KarlitaG answered:
Thank you Lannaok!
Mary T. Phelan asked:
just got this pattern and on my to JoAnns now...hope they have that "insulbrite"...what a great gift indeed...who does NOT ever need these...and making an apron as well...nice gift for my aunt....yours look fabulous!!
KarlitaG answered:
Thank you Mary! My aunts loved them.
Mary T. Phelan asked:
OMG just made one of these last night and EASY/FAST!!!...adorable!. By the way, we all know that bias tape can get pricy..BUT! I order mine from WAWAK sewing supplies on line! They have LOTS of colors etc...They refer to it as "Bias Tape hem facing"...click on it..it is the same brand you always see "Wright's". If you buy 10 or more the cost is $1.19 each!!; 1 to 4 packages cost $1.39 each; or 5 to 9 packages cost $1.29. Shipping is about zip!!! customer service is outstanding!! and always get my things there FAST! They have tons of sewing supplies better than JoAnn's even with a coupon anyday!!
KarlitaG answered:
I'll definitely check them out. thanks.

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