Dress Shirt with Princess seams

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Another wearable shirt. Not perfect, but not bad at all. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I also completed the Sew the Perfect Fit class and I didn't find that process logical to my brain at all (I'm not saying there's a thing wrong with it, it was also interesting and I did learn some things.... but the BD class makes sense to my brain.... so I'm sticking with that!) Anyhow, this dress shirt. I picked a short sleeve, the rounded/longer length hem and the mandarin collar... so a combo of View A and D, Supposedly this pattern is a "custom" fit for up to a "D" cup. Well.... let me say - not enough for these DD babies I got. So, I needed to make a full bust adjustment as well as use the D cup princess pieces. (I ended up putting a small dart on the front pieces as well, I couldn't get it to work otherwise. I got this idea from McCalls M6076). This shirt has a yoke as well and I decided to eliminate the back yoke seam and cut it on the fold. As always I added some width to the sleeves for my fat arms to have room. I also made room for my belly and ample hips and I like the way it turned out. The buttons aren't in pairs like mine on the pattern, but that's what I wanted to have.... and there you go - a custom shirt! YAY I can't wait to wash it and wear it. I'll probably wear it with the top 3 buttons undone, I just did them all up for the pics.

What you will need

  • Navy Broadcloth (poly/cotton blend)
  • harvested buttons from a man's shirt I discarded.

Q&A with Aromagal1

Davesmom asked:
I love your shirt!! And the fit is great!! The shirt really flatters your figure. I like the color as well. Will you please tell what the BD class is? I have yet to make a blouse or shirt. I am enrolled in the plus size class.
Aromagal1 answered:
Thanks for your kind comments. The BD class (as I call it) is the Plus size fitting and design.... and BD is the fab teacher of that class: Barbara Deckert :)

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