Dolly bed/storage tote ensemble

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The overall design. It is just the cutest way to organize a little girl's dolls and doll clothes in one place, but adds a place to put 'dolly' at night or during nap time. What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is a very simple project, but does require fairly accurate measurements. I 'channel quilted' the little mattress, and machine quilted the little quilt. The little pillow is 'stuffed' with fiberfil, The bottom sheet is 'fitted' at all four corners, and the top sheet is 'fitted' at the bottom two corners with the top edged decorated with coordinating fabric and lace that matches the pillow case.

What you will need

  • 23" x 17" plastic tote w/snap on lid
  • various coordinating cotton prints
  • Warm & Natural batting
  • lace

Q&A with dottyeb

Mary Burlingham asked:
I made one but the shirt don't stay on whet am I doing wrong
dottyeb answered:
I glued velcro on the front, back, and each side on the plastic tote and then matched it with velcro sewed on to the skirt that corresponded to the ones on the tote.
granniejannie asked:
Do you know much fabric I should buy, or did you use what you already had? This one is much cuter than the one I saw for sale. Very nice. Hope,I can do as well for my granddaughter!
dottyeb answered:
I used what I had in my 'stash'. Mattress probably 1/2 yard for front and back and a piece of batting to match. The 'bedskirt' is 1-1/2 strip of fabric across the 45" width of fabric (approx 64"). Probably another yard for sheets and pillow case and about 3/4 yard of several prints for quilt. Just estimating
sue6264635 asked:
Ok, so I glued on velcro, which pulled off when the skirt was applied. What glue did you use to glue the velcro on?
dottyeb answered:
Try 'sanding' the area under the velcro so it adheres more readily.