Created by: Paola Capocasa

dog fleece vest

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Paola Capocasa made dog fleece vest with:

Sewing on the Edge: Finishing Techniques

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Sewing on the Edge: Finishing Techniques

with Lynda Maynard

  • Fleece - wool for bias stips

Q&A with Paola Capocasa

Jill-1234 asked:
Super cute!!!! Love your dog! Very nice vest :)
Paola Capocasa answered:
Thanks! :)
sweet caroline asked:
Paola, HELP, I'm new to Craftsy and not sure why I don't get a response to my question. Where can buy this pattern?
Paola Capocasa answered:
I did not use a pattern....just more or less draped it on my dog...
Judy Kski asked:
Paola: Is that a single button closure you've created on the right side of the shirt? I just love your dog's vest. It turned out super nice.
Paola Capocasa answered:
Hi - Thanks! I actually have a button on each side
Lynda Maynard asked:
I like the combo of wool and would work well for people too.
Paola Capocasa answered:
Yes, it does work very dresses up the fleece nicely....
Elainealleman asked:
Did you make your own pattern for your pup or did you use a commercial pattern? I have tried to make a pattern for my dog but have had no success.....
Paola Capocasa answered:
Made my own...a lot of trial and error.....

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