Dilophosaurus - Jurassic Park

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The Dilophosaurus costume was challenging but much fun as I had decided to additionally interpret the neck ruff that expands when the dinosaur is ready to attack its prey and spit poison in the movie. Instead of spitting poison, our lovely Kim blew bubbles at Dennis Nedry:)

What you will need

  • Before sewing everything
  • I screened the fabric by hand.The dual crests on the top of the head were padded so they were more three dimensional. I pregathered red tulle and contoured it around the eye folds. Again with the back of the hood neck
  • I added in elastic in order to keep the head more securely positioned. The elastic harness had a boned collar that I did similar to a neck corset. It was attached to the harness shoulders and could be pulled upright during attacks and left down the rest of the time.

Q&A with smashworks

LifesPeachy asked:
OMG my 9 y/o daughter would love this! She wants to be a dinosaur for Halloween as she is currently obsessed with dinos (even has a dino blog). Great work!
smashworks answered:
Your daughter sounds alot like me when I was younger! Although blogging wasn't a thing back then.. :) lol