Created by: katzkuche506144

Corset Top

What are you most proud of? I am so proud that the entire top is completely sewn by hand, NO machine.

You Can Make This

katzkuche506144 made Corset Top with:

  • 100% cotton interlock
  • button craft thread
  • embroidery floss

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am so proud that the entire top is completely sewn by hand, NO machine.

Q&A with katzkuche506144

deanna Nascimen asked:
Very beautiful. Wonderful job at the hand stitching.
katzkuche506144 answered:
Thank you, Deanna. It's been a LONG time since I did lots of hand sewing, funny how it all comes back. I can't wait to buy the Jersey from AC when I'm in the states.
Nixxi asked:
Oh it's lovely - great work - you must be very proud of the corset. Wear it and let the compliments flow!
katzkuche506144 answered:
Thank you, Nixxi! I WISH it was THE jersey from Alabama Chanin, interlock works, BUT, it is NOT the same as using the jersey cotton. I'm working on the Corset top again but WITH AC fabric, cant wait to post along with the Bolero! All I can say is...I AM ADDICTED!
Rowena Lohman asked:
Thanks for posting this! This is one of the first versions I came up with when I was googling the AC corset - you really helped inspire me to complete my first one! I think, overall, I prefer your more minimalist version where the neckline work really is the star - but I'm sold on any of these being fun to make!
katzkuche506144 answered:
Hi Rowena, Thank you! Wow, I have made so much more since I made this top! Are you using a single layer or double layer of fabric? Gorgeous feeling in 2 layers! Have fun with yours! This top is NOT AC fabric, used a jersey interlock, not quite the same, ends do not roll. This was my practice piece, Now I have tons of AC fabrics!
Rowena Lohman asked:
I did do 2 layers, but it was a very lightweight t-shirt jersey and rolls a bit at the hem - I might do something about that at some point. I'm looking forward to buying some "official" AC fabric once I'm back in the states.
katzkuche506144 answered:
If you want, you can see my Maggie Dress, I can have tons of these.

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