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What are you most proud of? Nothing really. I am still having skipped stitches and some issues like that. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Not sure. It's frustrating when you almost get the stitches done and then there are some skipped stitches.

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Q&A with Michael Chylinski

Jutta too asked:
I have been arguing with my serger way to long too. I don't know which serger you have, but i had bought a used 8 year old high end (at that time) HV. I hope this helps in case this is what i figured out ( don't know what machine you got): the video of the machine tells you important info that is missing in the book. Use a stretch needle when the book tells you universal for knits. The quick threating guide is only useful if you already know what you are doing. It had one little hole missing on it that i needed to go thru that wasn't even showing on the quick guide. Now i don't have anymore skipped stitches on the machine. Just in case you have similar tools and discrepancy between them as i experienced.
Michael Chylinski answered:
I was using a ball needle. I have been using this brother 1034d for a while now. It seems to be very successful under normal conditions. I was using 2 kinds and thicknesses of thread and I had the blade off, I think it's a few spots that if the bade had cut it would be fine but since I didn't want it to have wonkie cut lines I tried blades off. Sometimes it's a learning issue and I just don't want to learn, I just need to be done. ;0( I kept the imperfections. I don't thinking would have unraveled.