Bowling Shoe Covers

Project Description

What are you most proud of? How well they look. What advice would you give someone starting this project? It can be very difficult to put the elastic around the top of the shoe cover, so go slow and take your time.

What you will need

  • Cotton fabrics
  • elastic
  • whisper soft vinyl
  • polyester thread
  • sewing supplies & tools.

Q&A with Deena

flashpatsy asked:
this is a great idea. When I use to bowl I had to take my shoes off when I went away from the lanes. Such a pain!
Deena answered:
yes- it is very easy to slip these on and off ...
Marthasc asked:
How are they holding up? Which style would you suggest as better, the ones with stitching around the bottom as reinforce or the other white ones? Looking at doing this as a gift. I like the white ones for eye pleasing a little more but which in your experience are better? Thanks
Deena answered:
hi they are both made from a cotton fabric. so.. equally the same
TeamDynamix asked:
Deena, I'd love to talk to you about making these for me to sell in a pro shop. Please email me at jwf683@live.com. Thanks, Lisa
Deena answered:
yes...sure I tried to email you but it failed...what did you have in mind?
MonBer asked:
Hi Deena, How much elastic did you use? Thank you :)
Deena answered:
I think it was about 12" for each one.
softascha1853011 asked:
Deena: Thanks for letting me know how to make my patterns for my shoe covers. I have a couple pair in different sizes to take apart. I understand that McCalls has a pattern for bowling shoe covers but I haven't looked for it yet.
Deena answered:
That is good to know - thanks.