Blue & Yellow summer shirt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Definitely the collar this time made of 2 different fabrics. It took me a while to get round it but I'm super happy with the results. This was a more intricate project than the 1st shirt I did which was just plain blue linen, Another massive thank you to Pam as I keep following her videos everytime. There are lots of great instructors on Craftsy as I have enrolled on quite a few videos but Pam has the best teaching style in my eyes! What advice would you give someone starting this project? You can't really go wrong following Pam's instructions! If you do, take your time and start again. I am not a fast sewer by any stretch of the imagination! Take your time, go slowly and accurately and if you're tired, just leave it for next time...that really avoids some costly mistakes :)

What you will need

  • Blue fabric: Linen Yellow fabric: Viscose

Q&A with Design Closeup

Pat Mitchell asked:
Very nice, love your choice of fabrics. Thanks for posting
Design Closeup answered:
Thanks Pat :)
Calumn asked:
I love it. And your comment about Pam having the best teaching style is SO true. Thanks for sharing.
Design Closeup answered:
Thanks Calumn :)
QuiltFinger asked:
Awesome job. Your shirt really looks great and I love the contrasting fabrics.
Design Closeup answered:
Thank you!
Tamara Llena de Fe asked:
This is lovely, I really like it , we'll done , the match of the fabrics it looks great x
Design Closeup answered:
Shmulik asked:
Great shirt ! I liked what you did with the cuffs, would you please explain how you made the cuffs for the short sleeves ???
Design Closeup answered:
Yes of course! Although I did this shirt based on a basic block, I copied the sleeve and sleeve band (as it's called) from the Vogue men's shirt pattern V8889 where they have that system. What I did was to select a different fabric for the sleeve band as I really think it enhances the design. I actually love it so much that this is what I am currently doing my next shirt!

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