Bag and pouch #1

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I modified the first one by adding a tab on the top edge while I was putting on the handle. I also added a button 5 " below the tab. The button was added before topstitching the top edge closed. This made the bag so it could be folded and rolled and the tab hooked on to the button to store in your purse until needed when shopping. I posted a picture above.

What you will need

  • I Used: For outside - navy cotton and White cotton with navy thread detail for inside - navy and whit stripe with flowers on the white stripe cotton print Outside materials and a zipper were used for pouch.

Q&A with HeatherIsaacson

sew grandma asked:
Hey that tab and button is a great idea - good thinking
HeatherIsaacson answered:
Thank you! Try it for all cloth bags. My husband used to elastic band all my cloth bags together and I would fight with the elastics and not know what to do with them when I was going to use the bags. That is when I invented a tab and a button. It nicely uses up old big odd buttons.
Teresa Maria asked:
I also like the tab and button idea! Nice work!
HeatherIsaacson answered:
Thank you! It makes it so they are not all wrinkled and untidy in your purse.
sistertammie asked:
I was wondering what the tab and the button was for. These are nice.
HeatherIsaacson answered:
Thank you! I used to fix all my bought cloth bags with the tab and the button and have a bag of bags when I went shopping!
ijstacy asked:
Awesome job!
HeatherIsaacson answered:
Thank you!

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