Aromagal's Dressform

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That it was a success! What advice would you give someone starting this project? It takes a whole weekend with all the steps needed. First to make her, dry her, fill her, get her on a stand. Each step took time for me or for hubby to do. It is really rewarding when successfully done. She is pretty much spot on my size as we did tape tightly on the first layer.

What you will need

  • Paper tape
  • plastic garbage bag
  • duct tape for the form. Wood for the stand and an old t-shirt to cover.

Q&A with Aromagal1

Barbara Deckert asked:
WOW! This is the most professional paper tape dress form that I have ever seen! It is at least as good as an industrial form (you saved about $1,000 for your efforts!) and it looks like you! Great job, and my compliments to hubby for his help!
Aromagal1 answered:
Chilipepper, I would love to know how things turn out for you. Good on you for trying to make nice things for your daughter :)
Kookiemom asked:
This looks great and your lucky to have a hubby who helps you. Will have to try this alone especially since I need to make three of them. If you have any suggestions I'd appreciate them..
Aromagal1 answered:
Take your time, be thorough, press down the edges and smooth out the folds well. Don't overwet your paper tape. We used a "dripping wet" sponge, but did not soak the tape in water as BD does. (Don't get me wrong, you need to wet it well to activate the glue.) I think this helped cut down the drying time significantly. Start out wrapping nice and tightly and she'll be perfect when she's done. If you use expandable foam, be patient with it, it keeps expanding for a long time (we found it to be 30 mins or more). Next time I would fill the form (in stages/layers) with styrofoam peanuts and fill around that with the expanding foam.
innerwave asked:
Great dressform - Congratulations :-) Wished I had one to. I wondered, if you had a T-Shirt underneath during the process - because of the sticky papertape. And if the form is stiff, so it has not to be stuffed. How did you get it on the stand? Whished, I could make one of these myself, since I have a fuller figure.
Aromagal1 answered:
Thanks for your comments :) I did not want to waste a t-shirt for this project, so I wore my regular underwear. On top of that I used a large garbage bag in which I cut a hole for the head and two holes for the arms to go through. Next we used duct tape in a couple of places: the cross your heart bra area, the waist and the lower edge. This was just to give us a starting point because the bag was slippery and the paper tape was arguing with us hehe. After that it did start working and sticking and progress was being made. We pulled the tape quite tight and smoothed out a LOT. When cutting me out we just used care not to cut my underwear. The form is stiff, but I personally think it needs to be stuffed unless you're hanging it over a smaller dressform. The seam up the back is not as strong and causes a "bending" point if it is not supported from the inside. As for the stand.... first we closed in the neck and the armholes, then we made the "T" with wood. We turned the dressform up-side-down and inserted the "T" support, also upside down. Then we stuffed with pillows, old batting, whatever and finished off with some cans of expanding foam insulation. After all was dry and finished we made a "bottom" horizontal closure which had a cutout for the wood stand to come through. We made a base piece with wheels and then hubby measured the dressform and me so that he could match her height to my own. He attached the dressform to the stand and all that was needed was a covering. I intended to leave it uncovered, but ended up using and old t-shirt to make a covering for it because I like the pinnable surface. There are many, many videos online out there for making a custom dressform. Take a look around and find something that will work for you. It is so worth it! Good luck.
AnnaLB asked:
That's extraordinary! I've looked at the lesson, but I wish you'd go over the steps you and your husband followed to get such a professional result. For example, where's the plastic garbage bag in all of this and the duct tape? It looks like a piece of sculpture. Congratulations!!!
Aromagal1 answered:
Thanks for the kind comments. I explained a bit in my response to innerwave about the garbage bag. It was used instead of a t-shirt and was eventually cut away and disposed of before we stuffed the form. The duct tape is on the inside underneath the paper tape.... it was used mostly to hold the plastic bag in place and to give some place for the paper tape to "grip" as the plastic is, of course, slippery when you apply that water based glue that is on the paper tape.
Connieg11 asked:
Wow you saved all that money if I am understanding that you created this without a form underneath?is that correct? Congrats again thanks for sharing. Connie g
Aromagal1 answered:
Yes you are correct :) I don't own any other dressform. Only this one hubby and I made :)

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