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Created by: faux nom

Anna's Garden Tank & Bolero

What are you most proud of? The fit, I think. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Embrace the pace :)

You Can Make This

faux nom made Anna's Garden Tank & Bolero with:

  • Organic Cotton in natural for the top layer
  • a recycled white cotton tee for the bottom layer. Coats and Clark Button Craft thread in natural. Createx paint applied with an airbrush. Hand-cut stencil using the Anna's Garden pattern from the Alabama Chanin website.

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The fit, I think. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Embrace the pace :)

Q&A with faux nom

faux nom asked:
Nixxi, thanks! I have the simple Badger airbrush and braided hose that Alabama Chanin sells, paired with the cheapest airbrush air compressor sold by Harbor Freight. It took a bit of tinkering to learn how to get the settings right, but I really like how easy it is, and how quiet. Also, it takes up very little space, which was why I didn't buy one of the multi-purpose air compressors.
faux nom answered:
Orycia - sorry if your question is old; it's hard to keep track of when new comments come in. I bought the braided hose after reading some evaluations of the two hoses on somebody's website. It said the pressure on the plastic hose drops way too low. I have had no problems with the braided hose, but I have not tried the plastic one.
kmk asked:
Beautiful work! My Badger Airbrush hates me and refuses to ever work consistently. I've given up on it completely which is a shame because when it does work properly, it's a dream.
faux nom answered:
Do you use the braided hose? I read some expert advice that suggests the little plastic hose causes the Badger brush to lose pressure very quickly, so I got the braided one and it is pretty consistent.
cadrumm1258737 asked:
great job!....I have been working on that one down :-) but, I seem to not be able to understand something with the bolero?...I know its got to be me, as i do not have a lot of pattern experience......I cut a medium and i can not get the back and side seams to line up.....I ended up cutting the back smaller so they line up......I have rechecked(had hubby also) to make sure i cut pattern right....but still does not work....any comments very appreciated....xo
faux nom answered:
There's actually an error in the pattern - which I was fortunate to discover by reading someone's blog. But you did the right thing by matching up the side seams! Don't do what I did, though: I thought the front pieces were too skimpy looking, so I widened them at the curve. The result was a less than ideal fit, so I'm going to follow the pattern next time.
Angela Good asked:
I love the way your tank fits. It looks like you lengthened it quite a bit? I am planning to do the same. Could you tell me what other adjustments you made? I will also need to adjust the arm openings-they are always huge on me. It was helpful to see how well your changes have worked. Thanks!
faux nom answered:
I can't recall lengthening it much, but I did a bit. I think the most alteration was around the armholes and bust; I added darts to cure gaping armholes. I have now figured out that for me, shortening the shoulder straps takes care of a lot of the fit problems. I just don't need so much fabric up there. The first time I made this pattern I added width on the bodice panels, then had to remove a bunch of fabric. The knit is more expandable than I had realized (duh!).
Meg McKinney asked:
Your top and bolero are fabulous! I read the comments, saw the added dart, and some adjustments. What I didn't see, or understand, is where is the airbrushing with paint used? Was it a faint outline of the Anna's Garden stencil, and then cut out the pattern, which shows the white t-shirt fabric beneath? From seeing your lovely top and bolero, I really would like to make this. Thank you.
faux nom answered:
Thanks Meg! I spray painted the top fabric with the stencil and then cut out the pattern pieces of both the top and under layer. You stitch around the stencil shapes through both layers. When you cut just the top layer inside those stitches, it reveals the white underneath. Does that make sense?

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