Anna's Garden Shirt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I like the overall look - very bold and happy. And it's comfortable. Not bad for my second attempt at an AC garment. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Start with old tee shirts for a practice project, and you can relax about mistakes. Getting the paint right was tough; I ended up thinning it too much, so there's a little bleeding under the edges of the stencil. But I decided just to stitch along the original lines, leaving a bit of blur beyond the edges. It's not perfect, but I've decided one needs to embrace those little flaws.

What you will need

  • 2 thrift-store cotton knit shirts
  • Red and white Button Craft thread
  • Alabama Chanin stencil download

Q&A with faux nom

SBL11 asked:
Love the combination of the red and white! The contrast stitching on the sleeves is a great touch.
faux nom answered:
Thanks! If you like high contrast, you should check out the Marimekko-inspired tunic on the Alabama Chanin journal page. It's wonderful, and is now on my list of future projects.
nancyzl asked:
Love this, did you enlarge the stencil design?
faux nom answered:
Thanks! No enlargement - this is the standard size of Anna's Garden (unless I made a mistake when I was printing it out - that can get tricky!)
GailCreates asked:
Really well done! Bravo!!!
faux nom answered:
Thank you!

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