Alabama Chanin stencils & embellishment

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? So much fun....just DO IT!

What you will need

  • Getting started! Pennant felt stencils cut
  • and jersey painted with Createx paints! Now on to stitching :)

Q&A with BluHeron

SiValEngr asked:
I tried some pennant felt and had a lot of trouble cutting it. How did you cut it? Did you use an exacto? I am beginning to wonder if mine was too thick.
BluHeron answered:
Hi, I did use an exacto knife, but switched partway thru to a craft one with a fine blade (pen style, rather than the larger flat blade.) It allowed my to turn around the paisley petals with more control. I spent about 2-3 evenings on each stencil, taking my time. No sense in rushing it and making a mistake.
Brooklyn Girl asked:
Beautiful job! Where did you find the pennant felt? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
BluHeron answered:
I could not find any here in Canada, so ordered it directly from Alabama Chanin online. It was well worth it, as I was able to cut out 3 large stencils from the one piece of felt, plus a bit left over for some 'accent' pieces.