18" American Girl Doll - Cotton Blouse

You Can Make This

Steph Wylie made 18" American Girl Doll - Cotton Blouse with:

  • Reprint of a 1930's feedsack fabric
  • thread
  • buttons

Q&A with Steph Wylie

ColoradoGrammy asked:
How do I access your patterns, Steph? I'm probably looking right at the link and am sorry if I'm missing the obvious! Love your patterns!!!
Steph Wylie answered:
Hi Linda, thank you so much for the compliment! =) All of my knitting patterns can be found on Craftsy here: I've not published a pattern for this specific blouse though. Writing knitting patterns takes up all of my time, so I can't manage to pull myself away from that long enough to figure out the related but totally different (if that makes sense) art of creating sewing patterns.

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