12-hour "1 hour" skirt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I'm very pleased with how the pattern matching came out. I aligned the center line for all pieces (front and back) so that the center waist would be at the same point and I wouldn't have a huge flower right at the biggest part of my rear. When I was basting I was worried because it looked like it matched up top but not below, but that is because when you wear it it tends to separate a bit. As the closeup shows, the finished product isn't perfect, but it's about as close to as I think I could get considering this is a wrap overlap and not a seam. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Think before cutting, and use muslins. Even with the wrap, I was able to tweak the front a bit to accommodate my mid-life figure and I discovered the pattern error before I'd done anything to the main fabric.

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric with fine cotton (?) lining

Q&A with Hopeful sewer

knightmarian asked:
I had to comment after your title because it sounds like something I would go through. After reading further and realizing you have some experience and looking closer at your finished product, well, you have done a jam up job! The skirt is lovely on you! I think anyone who wants to make this will be ultra curious to know the modifications you had to make. I am finding that quite often there are errors in bought patterns. I am beginning to wonder if this is a trick to get us to use our imagination or what? Would you make public in the comments the modifications you made? Thanks!!!
Hopeful sewer answered:
I was afraid of boring everyone to death! So now I'm going back and will edit the instructions to put the modifications at the end.
Davesmom asked:
Your matching is impressive. You could be a tailor! Did you go to school to learn to sew? I am no where near you skill level, but I enjoy seeing things well done. Nice bright colors, I love bright colors.
Hopeful sewer answered:
You overpraise, but thanks! I learned to sew when I was little just doing simple things, and then took the requisite home ec class when I was 13. The Couture Dress class was my first real instruction. I think Susan is so right when she says your brain is the most important piece of sewing equipment you own -- the Couture Dress class really gave me the confidence to trust myself, and my work has improved a lot because of that. So, keep going, and you'll probably surprise yourself!

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