Created by: bkthomas56

Willow Bug Quilt

You Can Make This

bkthomas56 made Willow Bug Quilt with:

  • 100% cotton in a variety of black
  • red and white.

Q&A with bkthomas56

PennyMeller asked:
Love it! Willow is one lucky girl. I'm sure she will treasure this quilt forever.
bkthomas56 answered:
Thanks Penny! I think she will.
mpac5000 asked:
Kathy, this is adorable!
bkthomas56 answered:
judwan asked:
Very cute.
bkthomas56 answered:
mo.sews asked:
This is just the cutest! Lots of creativity and wuv went into this quilt! Wonderful job. LOVE the lady bug!
bkthomas56 answered:
Thank You!!!
sistertammie asked:
You did a spectacular job on this quilt. I have never seen such a small dresden plate before. You say you dont have the design now. Did you follow a pattern when you made it? i would love to know how you got the dresden plate so small. I love the name on the quilt. And the ladybug is awesome. Good thing you took a picture of it. I never knew to take pics of all of mine, I just made them and gave them. I wish I would have kept a picture collection. I am now....
bkthomas56 answered:
Well Thank You so much!! If you type "Quilting and Embroidery Magazine" into your web browser, you will find the ladybug quilt that was my inspiration. ...and as far as the dresden plate goes - I used the Dalene Zimmerman template and just cut the wedges at 2.5 inches. The friend I made the quilt for likes what we call" fly by the seat of your pants" no pattern just make it up as you go! Aaah, I love that movie"Pretty Woman" I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal!Like I said - I never have followed a pattern yet - maybe I will someday. I never used to take pica either and this was the 1st time I've ever labled a quilt also. Thank you again for all the kind words, it means a lot to me!, Kathy s

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