Wedding Memories Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I designed the entire project from scratch sketching out my idea's. Then using EQ6 to get my quilt top the exact size I wanted. Both the Bride & Groom cried when they saw the finished Quilt. All their friends & family hand written messages in each block. What advice would you give someone starting this project? One step at a time was written in a notebook. Notes to myself about their likes and what was important to them. Put your ideas on paper and even if you make changes keep the original idea along with notes about the changes. I feel it helps you learn more this way.

What you will need

  • 100% Cotton fabric. 200 thread count printable Pima cotton Photo fabric. 80/20 blend batting.

Q&A with Misty Quilts

banjolady asked:
What a treasure. This is absolutely beautiful
Misty Quilts answered:
<3 thank you
Mrs Hotwheels asked:
Misty Quilts answered:
thank you very much.
4bird2 asked:
This is such a unique idea. What a keepsake. To be surrounded with all who support and love you is quite a quilt. And you have done a beautiful job, one lucky bride and groom.
Misty Quilts answered:
Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. They are not related to me , but by the time I had pieced together all the lovely messages I felt like I knew each and every person that wrote a message.
K Lee 2Strings asked:
Lovely! The photos turned out amazingly well and the signatures were a wonderful addition to the quilt. I'm not at all surprised that there were tears.
Misty Quilts answered:
Thank you so much. It was the Brides dream to some day have a quilt so she thought enough ahead to have the fabric and collect the signinatures.
Akapplelady asked:
Oh my goodness Misty! Your quilt is so beautiful. You have given me so many more ideas for a quilt top I made for my daughter before she went away to college. I prented pictures of her with all of her pets and engaged in all of her activities so that when she was feeling alone and homesick, she could wrap herself in all the love surrounding her as she was growing up. I never finished it but now I think I will add some more detail in the sashing around the picture framed squares. It means undoing some hand quilting and changing the borders and backing but will be well worth it to do it right. Thank you for your beautiful ideas and encouragement.
Misty Quilts answered:
I am so pleased that my project has inspired you to take another look at your project too. It is so nice to share ideas & projects, that spark our creativity. I will be waiting to see your finished quilt. Thank you so much for your complement.

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