Very First Quilt with Union Jack

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I love the way it turned out, specially the way the fabrics worked with each other.

Q&A with soma1773

Pat Sloan asked:
It did turn out great... good for you!
soma1773 answered:
Thank you :)
Yvonnecece asked:
This is fantastic. Get my new machine tomorrow will definitely give it a go.
soma1773 answered:
Thank you! What a conincidence, I just got a new machine couple of days ago. I would love to see how yours turns out.
Pamillia asked:
Terrific....Great job. Thanks for sharing.
soma1773 answered:
Thank you so much :) asked:
Being an ex-Brit, I loved this. Tricky to match up the stripes, well done.
soma1773 answered:
Thank you! I love Britain, that was the inspiration for the pattern.
patz in suffolk asked:
... and you did something that even Brits get wrong sometimes - you got the Union Flag the right way up (some people don't even realise there's a right way and wrong way up!)! Well done - this can't have been an easy quilt to make and you did it beautifully! I love it!
soma1773 answered:
Oh you thank you so much! I had no idea you could actuallly hang the Union Flag the wrong way until you mentioned it. Thank you again, I really enjoyed making it!