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Tropical Stars

You Can Make This

Redheadtaz made Tropical Stars with:

Color Play for Quilters

Online Class

Color Play for Quilters

with Joen Wolfrom

  • Batiks
  • a couple of cotton fabrics
  • Hobbs Natural cotton batting and cotton for backing. I chose the color scheme from one of the batiks

Q&A with Redheadtaz

Joen Wolfrom asked:
I'm so disappointed that this quilt did not turn out with the pizzazz that you wanted---and expected. When a quilt doesn't turn out as we imagine, it can maddening and disheartening. I know this from my own past experiences. Don't feel like you did something wrong or failed. Think of yourself on a learning journey and you just hit a bump on the road. In actuality you created a super learning experience for yourself. It was not your plan, but you will learn a lot from this quilt. If you don't mind, I'd like to discuss why your quilt didn't work out the way you had envisioned. (It may take me a couple of comment boxes.) You choice of the block design is super. This design has the potential to create drama. Unfortunately the design gets lost. Instead of a clear design, areas of mushiness appear. That has almost everything to do with value and a bit to do with color temperature. More comments in the next comment box..... Joen
Redheadtaz answered:
Thank you, Joen, for your comments. I believe I see most of what you say. Yes,the coral is quite strong. Again, thank you.
JauntyPeacock asked:
Redheadtaz, I like your quilt, the fabrics are lovely. I don't see all of Joen's comments, but at first glance, I would say that more consistent value placement would have gotten closer to the results that you expected. In spite of your disappointment, you have a quilt that will brighten the room, and be cozy and enjoyable to use.
Redheadtaz answered:
Thank you for pointing out the bright side of this project.
Judy Murphy asked:
I love this is really well pieced...and the colors are cool...."Quilter Police" be darned. This an Unique YOU Quilt. And I bet it is quite warm and cozy!
Redheadtaz answered:
Thank you, Judy. Yes it is warm and cozy and helps brighten dull, dreary days.