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What are you most proud of? I was totally stunned how well I took to this class. I will confess, it's taken all I have known and turned it on its head which was scary, like using perminant black marker direct to fabric, but I trusted the tutor and did it. I was so glad to be brave enough to break out of old ideas and try out new radical ideas, like machine embroidery with black thread!!! BUT it all works!!!I am soooo pleased with how well the colour pencils worked too, I was so pleased how easy it was to shade on fabric the method taught by the tutor. I have never done filling in of negative spaces before, and that was taught brilliantly too!!!!It gave me confidence and the ability to try without feeling worried. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take one step at a time. Push away all the things you may have been taught, and open your mind to a different, liberating method of learning. Try anything new an a scrap of fabric to check a) your black pen doesn't bleed into the fabric, b) try out new methods of stitching, c) how to colour on fabric, and the colours you plan to use work ok with the back ground fabric you have chosen. Have a white pencil to use as a base colour if there is colour confliction as that may help neutralise the base colour. Work in natural sunlight when colouring, as artificial lighting may give you a false colour reading, a 'daylight bulb' may help??Relax, enjoy and embrace a totally different method of stitching which is very liberating. Keep going back to the video if in doubt, and it's fine to ask for help. ENJOY x x x ,

What you will need

  • Printer (to print out instructions and templates to copy. PaperScissors paper/fabric/fine pointedNew sewing machine needlePeach/cream cotton fabric (top fabric)British calico/ US Musilin for backing fabric80/20 wadding/battingThin perminant black markerTip ex Derwent colour soft colour pencilsDerwent blending pencilDerwent Inktense colour pencilsBlack Gutterman threadBlush pink colour Gutterman threadBlue cotton fabric for bindingIn the UK art shops do not sell "liquid fabric medium" even specialised ones do not sell it!!!Tried 2 possible products suggested by Art Van Go
  • but not successful because they did not really understand a product they have not come I contact with. I would be soooo grateful to hear from anyone who can suggest what else I can use please???

Q&A with Nicky Williams

patz in suffolk asked:
Well done! You've obviously enjoyed the course enormously. I'm about to begin and my husband has just finished making me a lightbox. I, too, was a bit worried about getting the fabric medium but I was at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally on Friday and discussed it with someone from Colourcraft Colours and Adhesives Ltd. I came away with some AP Fabric Medium which looks as though it might be the right stuff. I'll let you know in due course! (It's available by mail order.) The item I'm having trouble finding (in Ipswich) is the blending pencil but will probably be able to find it on the internet. Thank you for explaining so much about your experience with Thread Art - I'm absolutely dying to get started and hope to do so within the next week or so.!
Nicky Williams answered:
Thanks for getting in touch. The blending pencil can be bought at hobby craft stores, the brand is Derwent pencils. They do a blender and burnisher pencil set which are excellent.
Ms. BJ asked:
Nicky, your picture is beautiful You have inspired me to start my project. Keep at it.
Nicky Williams answered:
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I have a second piece I am giving a go as I enjoyed this so much!!! Hope yours works out well for you too!!!
Yknitsncrochet2 asked:
Your work is beautiful!. I own three sewing machines but do not quilt. I must admit, this technique does inspire me to give it a try.
Nicky Williams answered:
Thank you so much for your lovely comment. This was my first attempt at this method :)
pinmoneyperhaps asked:
This is lovely, thx for sharing. Think I'll take the class!
Nicky Williams answered:
I am sorry for the delay in replying, just discovered your post. How did you do with your project??? I really hope it turned out really well for you. Have you posted it??

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