thread art 1st attempt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? the hair and that its all done with straight stitching and coloured pencils

What you will need

  • batik fabrics with
  • stabilizer ?
  • fusible fleece and beads on her blouse

Q&A with hyperskygirl

befney asked:
this is gorgeous! well done the face is perfect
hyperskygirl answered:
thank you :D
Debbie Little asked:
wow this is amazing, great job! you have given me the courage to do my granddaughter now
hyperskygirl answered:
I was really nervous to try this but i figured you can't know if you can do it or not unless you try and thank you :)
Debbie Little asked:
was this outline of the hair all done with straight stitching? or is there some color pencil work here?
hyperskygirl answered:
I lightly coloured in between the stitching with coloured pencils but all the dark I did with straight stitching with alot of use of the backstitch button :)
artbythebay asked:
Absolutely amazing that this is your first. Unbelievable. Thanks for the inspiration and your daughter is gorgeous!
hyperskygirl answered:
Oh thank you so much :)
Lola Jenkins asked:
Oh my you make me soooo proud. I cannot come up with the words that I need to describe the beauty of this piece. Your daughter will cherish this for her entire life. It appears that you are a pro at quilting, designing, and coloring. No one will ever believe that this is a beginners project. My hat is off to you for a job done with perfection.
hyperskygirl answered:
You are so sweet! You are an awesome teacher and an inspiration. Thank you very much :)

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